Unicorn 1 Records Music Featured in New Game for XBox

Avatar Boogie cover February 26, 2010 Westbrook, Maine – Song “Das Boinkt Up” by Westbrook, Maine musician Ahura Z. Diliiza featured in the new XBox 360 game Avatar Boogie.

Diliiza’s song was placed in an online music library where it was licensed by indie game company Highbrow Games for use in it’s newest release. Avatar Boogie features XBox avatars dancing to 1 of 5 different music tracks, including Diliiza’s song. Players have the option to upload their own music as well.

Says game creator Daniel Haffner “The moment I heard Das Boinkt Up I knew I had to include it in Avatar Boogie. It’s an awesome song”.

Diliiza, who owns Unicorn 1 Records, writes, performs and records all his own music which he sells as CDs, downloads or as licensable tracks through various music libraries. Das Boinkt Up features Diliiza saying nonsensical words to a hip-hop/rap beat.

About the track Diliiza says, “I was just playing when I wrote the song. But people seem to really like it. I’m pleased to have it included in an XBox game”.

Diliiza’s music can be heard on Unicorn 1 Records website at www.unicorn1records.comDas Boinkt Up is available to download or to license for use in other applications.

Avatar Boogie can be queued for download to your Xbox 360 here or via the Xbox 360 Dashboard’s Indie Games section.

The trailer can be viewed here: