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LifeTrack by Zakhuur

Newest album release by Zakhuur.
Energetic, creative techno / electronica tracks mixed with world beats and some vocals.

9 Tracks $14.98

OPERA by Pisces Projekt

In their debut album, Pisces Projekt melds world-beat dance tracks,
electronically-created cinematic strings, tolling bells and new-age
undercurrents with powerful lyrics and richly layered vocals to deliver
a message of strength, power and Light. 8 Tracks $17.98

Tai Chi by Zi Chi

Classic electronic New Age music with a subtle Asian flavor.
Designed to aid the practitioner in practicing the art of Tai Chi,
this album also makes a great soundtrack for artists, massage therapists,
magical practitioners and anyone looking for peaceful yet invigorating
background music. 8 Tracks $11.98

In The Temple by Zi Chi

Single 33 minute track gently carries the listener through the
“Aum” of temple monks, chanting natives, a lone flute by the ocean,
ocean waves with peaceful chimes and haunting harp music accented by
whale sounds to evoke a sacred, relaxing atmosphere perfect for meditation,
massage or gentle ambiance. 1 Track $11.98

Prayer by Zakhuur

Gentle music, ocean waves and a softly spoken prayer by Zakhuur.
Perfect for meditation, relaxation or as gentle ambiant music.

1 Track $7.98

Spellbook, Chapter 1: Prosperity by Pisces Projekt

“Money comes in three times three, as Nature moves so shall it be!”
Learn how to perform a spell to bring prosperity into your life with Ahura Z,
Sinari and special guest, Sire-Ra. Dancy, electronica / pop. From the
Spellbook series, Unicorn 1 Records. Lyrics and directions included. 1 Track $6.98

Spellbook, Chapter 2: Totemic by Pisces Projekt

“Desde alla, hasta aqui, Animal aparezca a mi!” Learn how to call
forth your animal totem with Pisces Projekt to a great Latin groove! Sung
in English and Spanish. Lyrics, translation and directions included. 1 Track $6.98

Spellbook, Chapter 3: AntiNightmare by Pisces Projekt

“Heaven and Earth to my delight, shield and protect me against the night…”
Learn how to banish the Nightmare and keep yourself protected while you
sleep as Ahura Z, Sinari and special guest Sire-Ra teach you how to perform
the AntiNightmare spell. Lyrics and directions included. 1 Track $6.98

Spellbook, Chapter 4: Matchless by Pisces Projekt

“Matchless is my speed of mind…” Learn how to perform a spell
to increase your mental speed, with Ahura Z. and Sinari. Starts out as
an easy groove and builds in intensity as the spell is chanted into a
rocking, guitar driven crescendo. Use this spell when you need to speed
up! Lyrics and directions included. 1 Track $6.98

Spellbook, Chapter 5: Love Spell by Pisces Projekt

“… true love you were meant to find!” Learn how to bring your
intended to you as Ahura Z. and Sinari teach you how to perform this
Love Spell. Musical pop, very sweet. Lyrics and directions included.
1 Track $6.98

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