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Click on the link to hear a sample of each song. A window will pop up with more information about the song, including purchase buttons.  Once you click the link, the song will start playing automatically.

Song samples play in low quality, 34kbps. All MP3 downloads are high quality, 192 kbps.


Music by Pisces Projekt

Bollywood Song single
Anikruya single
Para-Para Brighter Day single
Yahweh from the upcoming album, Planets
Kahuna Ko’ola from the upcoming album, Planets
Athenatis from the upcoming album, Planets
Gaia Chant from the upcoming album, Planets
Prosperity from Spellbook
Totemic from Spellbook
AntiNightmare from Spellbook
Matchless from Spellbook
Prosperity from Spellbook
Credo Liberate from Spellbook
Love Spell from Spellbook
I Am from OPERA
Battle Song from OPERA
Last Man Standing from OPERA
Admonition from OPERA
Lovers’ Waltz from OPERA
Sun and Moon from OPERA
Lullaby from OPERA
Dedication from OPERA

Music by Zakhuur / Ahura Z.

NEW!  The Little Drummer Boy single

Prayer full CD
Thundermass from LifeTrack
Mantra from LifeTrack
Firewalk from LifeTrack
Forgotten Beat from LifeTrack
Concentrate from LifeTrack
Evolution from LifeTrack
Shiva Dance from LifeTrack
Dragon Bubbles from LifeTrack
Kazi Raver from LifeTrack
Z 1 Workout Program full CD
Zwingin’ single
Das Boinkt Up single
Unicorn Rising single
Yo Que Pasa single

Music by Zi Chi

Meditation from Tai Chi
Tower of Dreams from Tai Chi
Temple Grounds from Tai Chi
Hawk from Tai Chi
Dragon’s Breath from Tai Chi
Tantra Chi from Tai Chi
Water Veil from Tai Chi
Zi Chi from Tai Chi
In The Temple from In The Temple

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